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Earl Baker  wrote:
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>>My question is, would this group welcome some serious questions having to
>>do with Dr. Wallace, Zon, and other aspects of Neo-Tech.  For instance,
>>are they skillfully neo-cheating their customers with these materials.
>>Who are they and where are they?  And what is their real purpose as
>>opposed to what's said in their literature, tapes, newsletter, etc.?
>I know one of Wallace's nieces; she said he lives in Las Vegas.  They
>refer to him as "Wally" and she said he believes in 'romantic love'.
>Also he worked as a chemist at Dupont for many years.  The
>family considers him crazy but generally harmless; and so do I.

I have difficulty thinking of the founder and apparent leader of what
appears to be yet another profitable and rapidly growing authoritarian
cult as "generally harmless." 

An organization that publishes long lists of approval and disapproval
ratings of various popular artists /1 and writers /2 is simply trying
to position itself as yet another unquestionable authority.  Meanwhile
they charge serious money to receive their wisdom in the form of books
and tapes, claim persecution by government /3, condemn various aspects
of contemporary culture /4, certain sexual orientations /5 and
political viewpoints /6, and promise eternal life /7, special powers
/8, and the ability to predict the future /9.  All of these methods
are indistinguishable from those used by most successful religious
cults.  The fact that they are being used to promote an allegedly
non-mystical purpose makes them no less dangerous.

"Romantic love" is simply a hook to get the curious interested in
Wallace's peculiar belief system; it's not surprising that he'd sum up
his philosophy with that term.  His writings also play on the readers'
insecurities about love and sex, which are common among his target
audience - yet another cult manipulation tactic. 

1) Concept 53, ("Aesthetic Pleasure") page 233 of "Neo-Tech II".
2) Bibliography of "Neo-Tech II".
3) Concept 135, ("Destruction of This Book and Its Author") page 358
   of "Neo-Tech II"; also, claims of a raid on I&O's headquarters by
   authorities have been made in direct mailings to previous purchasers
   of their books. 
4) Concept 136, ("Poetry (A Poison to Romantic Love) vs. Valid Art")
   page 361 of "Neo-Tech II". 
5) Concept 88, ("Orgasm - Heterosexual, Masturbatory, Homosexual")
   page 275 of "Neo-Tech II". 
6) Concept 118, ("Conservatism, 'Liberalism' and Laziness vs. Laissez
   Faire Capitalism and Romantic Love") page 322 of "Neo-Tech II".
7) Neo-Tech 5 Information Package ("Achieving Commercial Biological
8) Neo-Tech 3 Information Package ("Controlling People Through Their
   Bicameral Minds").
9) Neo-Tech 4 Information Package ("Creating Business Success and
   Predicting Stock Prices"). 

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